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Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks

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Dog Rocks Natural Lawn Protector - 200g

Dog Rocks Lawn-Saving Rocks, the eco-friendly solution to prevent urine burn spots on your lawn.

Extracted from select Australian mines, these unique rocks filter out impurities like tin, ammonia, and nitrates from your dogs water, ensuring a greener grass.

  • Naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock from Australia
  • Filters tin, ammonia, and nitrates from drinking water
  • Reduces the incidence of yellow urine burn patches on lawns
  • Safe for dogs, with no known side effects
  • Each stone lasts up to two months with proper use
  • Net weight: 200g & 600g packs
  • Dosage: Use with 2 litres of water
  • Lifespan: Replace rocks every 2 months
Pet Suitability & Product Care
  • Compatible with all dog breeds
  • Replace rocks every two months to maintain efficiency
  • Always keep your dogs water bowl topped up with treated water

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