Hypro Premium

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Hypro Premium has the best interests at heart for our pet companions, Hypro Premium was developed to enhance quality of life with naturally nourishing, real food that is finely crafted, wonderfully balanced with real ingredients.
Surrounded by farming and fresh produce, Hypro Premium has a state-of-the-art facility nestled at the heart of the Hawkesbury Valley, the historical food bowl that’s been serving Australians since 1794.

Our gourmet recipes are produced locally, right here in this big river country of the Greater Blue Mountains.

A&E Dog & Cat Supplies we stock a great range of Hypro Premium food!  


Hypro Premium is proud to produce the best working dog food in Australia, with ingredients to support long days moving livestock—which requires significant strength, stamina, training and endurance.

Working dogs have high energy needs, and Hypro Premium is designed to support this. In fact, a working dog’s average daily calorie requirement can be up to double than that of a household dog. For this reason, these dedicated companions require extra joint support, vitamins, and essential oils from their diet.

Our dog food for working dogs has a number of key ingredients to boost health and longevity. Hypro Premium’s working dog dry food contains emu oil, which includes omega 3, 6 & 9 for a healthy coat and healthy joints.

Hypro Premium meets these nutritional requirements, leading to fewer health problems and improved immunity. And of course, Hypro Premium is loved and tested by working dogs.

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