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Smartcat 5Oz Wet Food Dish

Smartcat 5Oz Wet Food Dish

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Separate dry and wet food easily with the SmartCat Wet Food Dish!

Perfectly sized and shaped to hold wet food, this dish helps your kitty easily reach wet food that get stuck in regular cat bowls. In most cases, your cat’s whiskers get irritated (known as whisker stress) when they reach inside deep bowls to eat their food, and they end up not eating the rest of their food. With this shallow cat food dish, though, your furry friend can have a stress-free and easy way to eat their food. Make the Smartcat Wet Food Dish a staple in your pet’s eating routine!


  • Cleverly designed wet food dish that’s shallow and doesn’t cause whisker stress
  • Helps your cat reach food more easily and encourages them to eat all their food
  • Better alternative to regular cat bowls that have more depth

Colour: Blue

Great for cats who prefer wet food over dry food!

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