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Ibiyaya Grand Cruiser Large Dog Stroller Pram for Dogs up to 50kg

Ibiyaya Grand Cruiser Large Dog Stroller Pram for Dogs up to 50kg

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Introducing the Grand Cruiser Large Dog Stroller – a revolution in pet mobility that's bound to get tails wagging!

Picture this: a stroller that's not just a stroller, but a lavish retreat on wheels for your pet. The Grand Cruiser boasts a low chassis, providing a red carpet-worthy entrance and exit for your pet. Your furry friend will strut their stuff in style, gliding effortlessly into their cosy chariot.

Opening the door to adventure is the anti-fall canopy – a gateway to hassle-free entry. With this innovative design, accessibility is redefined, turning every stroll into a joyous escapade.

The Grand Cruiser's interior is a plush paradise, starring our proprietary POE (Polyolefin elastomer) air fibre cushion. Comfort takes centre stage here, ensuring your pet remains refreshed and relaxed even during the longest jaunts.

This stroller isn't just a vehicle; it's a statement. Crafted for owners of larger-than-life pals, wise seniors, and pets on the mend, the Grand Cruiser embodies the epitome of comfort and convenience. It's the dream ride for your companion, the ultimate travel sidekick that promises unforgettable journeys and wagging tails.


  • All-age suitability: Our Ibiyaya large dog stroller is designed to cater to all pets, including the elderly, disabled, and those prone to anxiety. It's ideal for large dogs or multiple pets.
  • One-touch buckle: The opening buckle design allows instant access to the interior, and the canopy can be fully opened, converting the stroller into an open-top version.
  • Safety-conscious: The adjustable canopy can be locked at any angle, and with the one-hand operable slow-descend feature, you can avoid sudden drops that might injure your pet.
  • Environmentally responsible: The fabric used in our pet stroller is 600D PET recycled yarn, free of heavy metals and carcinogens, and is UV, mould, and water-resistant. The inner pad's 300D waterless primary draw yarn is durable and fade-resistant, promoting energy-saving and environmental protection.
  • POE cushion: Our inner pad features a high-end 4D air fibre that provides unmatched support and protection for your pet's spine, alleviating fatigue during prolonged periods of rest.
  • Low chassis: The 8” front wheels and 11” rear wheels, combined with the super low chassis, heighten the sense of security for your pet and make it easier for them to board or disembark.
  • Sun-proof skylight: Multiple ventilation openings offer excellent visibility, while the denser skylight mesh ensures superior sun protection.
  • Ergonomic design: The adjustable two-level handle can adapt to the user's height and preferences and can be fully folded when not in use.
  • Self-standing fold: The stroller frame features a foot stand design that allows it to stand independently when folded, perfect for storing in a car trunk.
  • Elastic tires: The Grand Cruiser dog stroller comes with airless rubber-plastic tires that provide excellent slip resistance, durability, and elasticity.
  • Easy-maintenance wheels: The four wheels can be quickly removed for hassle-free cleaning. Additionally, the cabin can be transformed into a home playpen or travel sleeping area with the wheels detached.
  • Safety first: The stroller's cabin is equipped with a safety tether and a double brake system on the rear wheels. Reflective strips on the side enhance visibility for nighttime outings.
  • Storage solutions: Hidden pockets inside the cabin, cup holders, and larger storage pockets at the rear can hold essential items for both owners and pets.
  • Easy cleaning: The water-resistant fabric can be easily cleaned and removed for hand washing and air drying. The diaper holder secures the diaper in place, and the POE core is washable.

Recommended weight limit: 50kg or 110 lbs
N.W.: 17kg or 37.48 lbs
Cabin dimension L82 W56 H60 (cm)
Extended dimension L100 W80 H108 (cm)
Folded dimension L80 W42 H105 (cm)
Inner Cushion dimension L80W55H6cm / N.W.:2kg
Accessories: Safety tether x2 and POE inner cushion

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